Lubrizina Hydrolex

Lubrizina Hydrolex

ISO-VG (A.W Hydraulic)

Lubrizina Hydraulic oils are high quality solvent refined, high viscosity index antiwear type hydraulic fluids meets the most stringent requirements of Industrial hydraulic and fluid power Lubrications.
Modern hydraulic systems are designed to be more powerful and efficient. They’re also tougher to lubricate. LUBRIZINA HYDROLEX answers the challenge with hydraulic oils that perform in the harshest conditions, to help you meet or even extend the expected life of your equipment. Hydraulic equipment thrives or fails based on the cleanliness of the system. LUBRIZINA HYDROLEX hydraulic oils are formulated to keep deposits, sludge, varnish and other oxidation byproducts from forming in your systems, which help prevent valve sticking and other failures that can rob your operation of productivity or shut it down.

Performance Features:

  • Meets ISO VG classification.
  • Recommended for mobile as well as stationary hydraulic System.
  • Good Thermal stability and oxidation resistant.
  • Outstanding antiwear performance.
  • Excellent air release and antifoam properties.
  • Good water separation, all round versatility.


  • Hydraulic & fluid power transmission system.
  • Enclosed gear application where EP Lubricant is not required.
  • Mobile and stationary hydraulic system.


Performance Standards

ISO Grade 22 32 46 68 100 150 220 320
Density 15 °C  (ASTM D1298Kg/L) 0.858 0.862 0.862 0.875 0.880 0.891 0.901 0.910
Kinematic viscosity(ASTM D-445)@     40 °C                          cSt

        100 °C                         cSt


214.50 305.2 446.7 688.5 10011.4 15014.6 22018.8 32024.0
Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270) 104 102 101 100 98 98 96 95
Flash Point       (ASTM D-92)   °C 200 210 210 220 225 235 242 250
Pour Point      (ASTMD-97)      °C -21 -21 -18 -15 -15 -12 -12 -12

Packing Rang:

10L 20L 205L


The Physical and chemical properties shown above are average values based on recent production. They are not limiting the values. Minor variations, which do not effect performance, are to be expected.


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