Lubrizina fine Quenchex

Lubrizina fine Quenchex

(Quenching Oil)

Lubrizina fine quenchex “STEEL HARDENING OILS” are based on highly refined mineral oils chosen for their superior thermal and oxidation stability.

ELCO QUENCHEX OILS are premium quality oil blended with highly refined paraffinic base oil and selected additives for heat treating. They possess high flash point, low volatility, good oxidation and thermal stability.Heat treating applications involving quenching or rapid cooling of carbon and alloy steel.Heat treating processes where a uniform hardening of steel with minimum distortion is desired.

Performance Features:

  • High Flash Point
  • Low volatility
  • High Boiling range
  • Good water shedding properties.
  • Good interstate corrosion inhibition. 


  • Heat treating application involving guiding or vapid cooling of carbon & alloy steels.
  • Slow queveling operation at bath temperature b/w 30°C and 55 °C where maximum harden is not required (Quenchex-A) also where drag-out losses need to be kept to a minimum.
  • Quenchex-C is recommended for the relatively fast quench of carbon alloy steel where both temperatures are controlled b/w (35c° to 80 c°).

Typical Characteristics:

Lubrizina Fine Quenchex A C
ISO Viscosity Grade 22 32
Density @ 15 °C       (ASTM D-445) 


0.876 0.880
Kinematic viscosity  (ASTM D-445)@ 40 °C                          cSt

    100 °C                         cSt


21.54.27 33.05.32
Viscosity Index 97 96
Pour Point           °C -9 -9

Packing Rang:

10L 20L 205L


The Physical and chemical properties shown above are average values based on recent production. They are not limiting the values. Minor variations, which do not effect performance, are to be expected.


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