Lubrizina Cutrex

Lubrizina Cutrex

Soluble Cutting Oil

Lubrizina Cutrex soluble cutting oil formulated with special base oils coupling agents and a high level of emulsifiers, which readily mixes with water to form homogeneous and exceptionally stable emulsion. This oil is fortified with selected rust-preventive and corrosion-inhibitor additives making suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
LUBRIZINA CUTREX (SOLUBLE) is recommended for metals (except magnesium) where maximum cooling is desired particularly when cutting with carbon, high speed steel, or tungsten carbide tools.
LUBRIZINA CUTREX (SOLUBLE) is used extensively in milling, drilling, gear cutting, turning, planing, shaping, sawing, and grinding operations. Minimal separation, Excellent emulsion even with hard water, Good rust protection for steel work and machined parts even when water/oil emulsion ratios are 1:20 Cooling maximized by metal wetting.


  • Light machining operation such as drilling, planing, milling, sawing & turning.
  • Total loss systems.
  • Water based Hydraulic medium.
  • Especially recommended for grinding operation when very clean emulsion are typically required to permit rapid setting of fines.
  • It is used mainly in machining operation when cooling is more important than lubrication.


  • 1 part of oil to 15~20 part of water (as required by work piece finish).
  • Forms a milky white emulsion when mixed with water.
    • Always add concentrate to water (not vice-versa).

Typical Characteristics: 

Kinematic viscosity (ASTM D-445) @  40 °C    cSt 18.2
Flash Point (ASTM D-92)  °C 160
Emulsion Type Complete uniform & Spontaneous dense white
Density  @ 15 °C (ASTM  D-1298)  Kg/L 0.857

Packing Rang:

10L 20L 205L


The Physical and chemical properties shown above are average values based on recent production. They are not limiting the values. Minor variations, which do not effect performance, are to be expected.


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