Lubrizina Comprex

Lubrizina Comprex

ISO-VG (Compressor Oil)

Lubrizina Comprex is a Premium quality ashless air compressor oil designed to meet the stringent requirement of major compressor manufacturers. They are based on a blend of high viscosity index, solvent refined mineral oil and carefully selected additives to provide exceptional equipment protection reliably for modern compressor operating under mild to serve conditions in marine and industrial applications.
Our complete line of compressor oils is formulated to optimize performance in most applications and compressor types. They’re compatible with a wide range of gases, to help maintain the integrity of your production stream. Our formulations stand up to the extreme temperatures and pressures common in compression operations to defend your equipment against varnish and deposits, resist thermal degradation, and deliver outstanding wear protection. The lubricant stays in your equipment longer doing its job, which can help minimize your maintenance costs. In turn, you’re able to achieve optimal performance and long run life from your compressors.

Performance Features:

  • Outstanding overall performance.
  • Excellent service intervals.
  • Excellent oxidation resistant.
  • Excellent water reparability.
  • Safe air times.
  • Air release and antifoam Properties.
  • Effective rust & corrosion protection.


  • Rotary Air compressor. (Single stage and Multi stage).
  • Rotary screw compressor.
  • Rotary Vane -compressors.
  • Comprex is especially developed for compressors of all CNG Stations. 

Typical Characteristics:

ISO  Viscosity Grade 32 46 68 100 150
Density 15 °C  (ASTM D1298Kg/L) 0.865 0.870 0.876 0.880 0.882
Kinematic viscosity(ASTM D-445)@     40 °C                              cSt

       100 °C                              cSt


305.2 44.06.5 688.6 104.611.7 154.314.96
Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270) 103 100 99 102 101
Flash Point       (ASTM D-92)   °C 200 205 215 230 235
Pour Point      (ASTMD-97)      °C -30 -30 -30 -30 -30

Packing Rang:

10L 20L 205L


The Physical and chemical properties shown above are average values based on recent production. They are not limiting the values. Minor variations, which do not effect performance, are to be expected.


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