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Etihad Lube Oil Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Etihad Lube Oil Company (Pvt) Ltd. is a leading lubricant supplier in the region known for reliability in delivering products that is value for money. Strategically located in Karachi, we are dynamic, innovative & focused on customer requirements. Come and experience how our lubricants give you improved performance and prolonged life by cleaning & protecting your equipment. we work with the customers every day to apply these solutions. The result Technology that delivers value to your operation.

Understanding Your Needs

Because of our experience of working with long and short-haul truck fleets across the country, we understand the crucial role that lubricants play in your vehicles. Whether you want to cut the cost per-kilometer of your long-haul operations by reducing fuel consumption or to extend short haul-vehicle life under severe start–stop driving conditions.

Performance In Our Products

Etihad Lube Oil Company (Pvt) Ltd offers a range of quality lubricant products for Automotive, Industrial, Marine Specialty Fluids, Metal Working Fluids, Aftermarket and Grease. We are approved by OGRA & Pakistan Standards.

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Where Lubricants Can Add Value

The development and application of innovative technology sit at the heart of everything we do at Etihad Lube Oil Company (Pvt) Ltd. We invest in a cutting-edge laboratories. They are the people who develop products that make a difference to your business, even under the most challenging conditions. What we learn in our lab, we use to create lubricant solutions to fulfill your business needs. And we do not just have some of the best lubricants, we work with the customers every day to apply these solutions. The result Technology that delivers value to your operation.

Designed To Improve Profitability

Keeping your trucks on the road and running efficiently can be critical for a profitable business. At Etihad Lube Oil Company (Pvt) Ltd Lubricants, we appreciate that to be competitive you need your vehicles to be reliable to increase their availability and to protect your investment while reducing operating costs and complying with environmental standards. Choosing the right lubricants and services for your business needs can help to make a real difference to your entire operation.

Working With The Transport Industry

Because lubricants are critical truck components, make sure that our products can help to enhance fuel efficiency and offer increased protection and extended oil and equipment life. We have long-standing relationships with many of the leading truck owners. Many of these trucks containing an Etihad Lube Oil Company (Pvt) Ltd lubricant as an essential component of the machine.

Our Board Of Directors


Muhammad Azam Sheikh

Director Admin

Muhammad Asif Sheikh

Director Marketing & Finance

Muhammad Atif Rafiq Sheikh


Muhammad Amir Rafiq Sheikh


Muhammad Umer Sheikh


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